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Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on March 28, 2010

Man, I came home for Spring Break just a few days ago and I’m already sick! It’s gotten quite chilly the past few days and I think that big swing in weather got to me. Hopefully I get better and not worse before the hiking trip on Thursday.

One of the worst things about being sick has to be the stuffy nose. I don’t mind the coughing or the fever (so long as it isn’t that high), but the stuffy nose and clogged sinus is the worst part about it. It just makes my feel like complete crap, probably because it’s harder to breathe. It’s also annoying that I can’t smell or really taste anything. When my sinus is clogged, it just makes it feel as if my whole head is clogged up. Not the greatest feeling since I have so much work that has to be done.

So yesterday I finally got my kydex Mora sheath. Well, it’s not really kydex but concealex, but really it’s all the same thing. I ordered and paid for it almost two months ago! Now, I can understand if a knifemaker is really busy with other things, but when an estimated time of completion is given, you should really try hard to honor it. Every other week, the said time of shipment was pushed back another week and next thing I knew, it’s been two months. And everything about my sheath order was just done in the last two weeks. I don’t mind waiting, but I don’t want to pay the full price over a month before the product will actually be made! There is no loss for a sheath maker to put you on the waiting list and when it’s time for your sheath to be made, send you an invoice then. If the customer doesn’t pay,  you don’t make the sheath and you move on to your next project. It’s simple and at no extra cost. I’m no sheath maker but I know how these kydex sheaths are made and they don’t take THAT much time. It’s not like a custom knife that is a whole process set over a period of time. Then I can understand asking for payment in advance or some sort of deposit.

In the end though, I guess I can say it was worth the wait. The real issue is that I shouldn’t have had to wait so long to begin with. It was a new sheath maker that I ordered from, how was I suppose to know if the guy wouldn’t just take my money and run? PayPal only gives you 45 days after the payment date to make a claim. If the guy really wanted to, he could have stalled those 45 days and then left me with nothing.


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