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First hike of the season

Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on April 2, 2010

So yesterday, I went out on a day hike with my friends Stephen and Sonic. It was a nice sunny day (too sunny since I got sunburned….). Floor was a bit damp in some areas due to the rain the days before. They picked me up in Manhattan around 10AM and we got to the Delaware Water Gap around 12. The first trail we did (Mt Tammany 5.5mi loop) took a long time since we went slow and messed around a lot by taking lots of breaks. We also ended up looking for geocaches again. It was hilarious cause when we went to the area of the second cache on the trail, we found it within 10 mins while the last time Steve and I went there during the winter, we spent over an hour at the area and couldn’t find the stupid pipe. Steve and I were running low on water by this time and so we figured we had to stop messing around and pick up the pace. Stopped by this stream that runs right down the trail to refill on water. We made good time going down since we didn’t stop outside of by the stream to pump water.

Of course we need to have an obligatory “knife in tree” pic ala Bladeforums W&SS:

Then we drove to the PA side to look for a store to grab some snacks and drinks. Ended up going to a Wawa. Haha. Steve kept on saying “lets go to Wawa!” and I kept on thinking it was some stupid nickname for Walmart that he came up with. Boy was I surprised when the sign actually said Wawa. They have their own lineup of products from food to soda and other misc junk. Nothing beats a cold soda after an afternoon of hiking in the sun:

Then the plan was to find this loop trail that went up Mt Minsi and hike around the 4 mile loop back to the car. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the trail and just ended up walking south on the Appalachian Trail. The plan was to start the hike on the trail until it hit dark. Then turn around and hike back to the car with the aid of our various flashlights. Steve really wanted to test out his Surefire Saint in the field since it’ll be the main light that he wants to bring when he tries through-hiking the AT next year. I got to test out my Solarforce L2m as well as play around some more with my Lumapower D-mini EX and Ti Quark. According to Steve’s GPS, we ended up hiking around 4 miles anyways even though we didn’t find the loop. We went up the trail quite quickly, with a fast continuous pace for nearly an hour before even stopping. The way back down took a bit more time since we had to be careful as the trail was quite rocky and steep.

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