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Damn Stony Brook scaring the crap outta me!

Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on April 6, 2010

So when I get back from my classes today, I checked my email and got one from Stony Brook telling me that I have a message waiting for me in my SOLAR account. Usually I just get messages telling me that I’ve used my campus cash for something like laundry or more recently graduation stuff. What I saw first was this:

04/05/2010 10:58:08AM Registrar Previous DEC and Skill SOLAR Messages
04/03/2010 10:39:33AM Registrar Missing Skill 4 Requirement – Consider Summer Session!

My first reaction was “CRAP!”. So I check the one telling me about missing Skill 4 requirement and it says:

“Our records indicate that you have not completed your skill 4 American history requirement.  Significant state budget cuts to Stony Brook have required us to reduce fall classes.  As a result of this reduction, you may need to enroll in one or more summer classes to ensure your timely graduation.  We strongly recommend that you consider enrolling in a Stony Brook skill 4 course this summer.  We have several options at the West, Manhattan, and Southampton campuses.  For more information, visit http://www.stonybrook.edu/summer”

So basically after I read that I start cursing and getting nervous since I’m suppose to graduate this coming May. I could have swore that I didn’t need the skill 4 since I’m in engineering. In the beginning of the semester I has checked my Degree Progress report and everything seems fine, with no red notes outside of the fact that I didn’t have the necessary 128 credits. I’m thinking to myself “OMFG I’m gonna go to the registrars office right now and start cursing the hell outta them”…

Then I read the second, later message which said:

“Please be advised that the previous message(s) received relating to DEC and Skill requirements were ONLY informational in nature. You should verify their validity by running your Degree Audit in SOLAR. There is no need to contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office.

If you are missing any university degree requirements per your degree audit you are encouraged to consider taking them this summer due to limited course availability during the fall term.”

PHEW! Damn bastards nearly gave me a heart attack. I went back to the degree requirements for skill 4 and sure enough it said that students in the CEAS program aren’t required to take the skill 4 (we’re already taking more credits than other majors). So basically re-reading the messages carefully, it’s just a scare tactic by the school to get people to sign up for summer classes. Why make the message sound so serious if it’s just “informational”?


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