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PA trip with the Stony Brook Rifle Club

Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on April 11, 2010

So yesterday was the Stony Brook Rifle Club’s first and possibly only range trip for the semester. Since there was issues with the range we go to in Long Island, we decided to just make one big trip to Pennsylvania to have a larger selection of firearms to try out. Initially everyone was suppose to meet up at 6:15 AM and leave by 6:30 AM but we ended up not leaving until 7. Sucks since I woke up at 5:30 and if I had known that we would have been delayed so long I would have slept in a bit more. So anyways, from Stony to the range (a bit further out from the Delaware Water Gap) was quite a drive. The car I was in ended up getting there first, and 30 mins before the range actually opened.

It was a good thing the club got there so early. Since we were there first, there was almost no one else there, so there wasn’t much in terms of lines. Around 1-2 PM, the line for the range was going all the way from the back of the shooting area and out the front door. I’m sure it was lots of New Yorkers making the drive so that they would be able to shoot some guns they normally wouldn’t have the chance to shoot back in NY.

I didn’t shoot as many handguns as I had initially planned. Actually, I didn’t really like the set up of the range too much. There weren’t any paper targets for the rifles, so basically people just shot at stuff animals and stuff hung up 30 yards out. That’s boring since you can really see where exactly you hit. Then handguns only went out to probably 5 yards. The only handgun I ended shooting was a Beretta 92. Wow, it had some long trigger pull. There I am, squeezing the trigger and wondering when the gun would actually go off. So my first turn at it was pretty bad, ended up with a 2 inch group. I decided to go again with it since I wasn’t happy with how I shot and the second time around I got a group a little under 1 inch.

In terms of rifles, I shot a FN-FAL, M1 Garand, AR15 with a holographic sight (Which was awesome! Really nice trigger and super light weight, especially compared to the Garand.), AR30 (muzzle break really removed a lot of the recoil), and some 12 gauge pump shotgun. In fact, I spent most of my budget on the shotgun shooting trap.

I felt the stock on the shotgun could have been shorter as I couldn’t really get the stock into the pocket too comfortably. Also, the pump handle was hard to reach with my off hand. Still, trap shooting was lots of fun. It was the most fun I’ve ever had shooting for sure and I can see owning a shotgun in my future. My first turn at it I only managed to hit 4 out of 6 clays. The first shot I lost the trigger and the clay was pretty far out already before I pulled the trigger. The second shot was just off. Then I managed to hit my last 4. I decided then that I wanted to do a full box of 25. There I hit 21 out of 25. For those 25, I had the instructor randomly throw targets out at random times in random directions. Much more of a challenge but it was also a lot more fun.

Around 2, we headed to a pizzeria and restaurant we had reservations for. No idea why we, as New Yorkers, went all the way to PA just to get pizza, but whatever. The food was alright and we had great conversations so I guess it was worth it. We ended up having 800 dollars left which we got a gift certificate for. Maybe that’ll mean another trip to PA, with a smaller group. I really hope so. If I go again, I’m spending my whole budget on tarp shooting.


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