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Why do people always seem to be late?

Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on April 13, 2010

As I was walking back to my room today, I had a guy in a car almost hit me as I was crossing the street. I’m not sure if the person doesn’t know the driving rules or what. Basically he had a stop sign that he just ignored and went through while I already stepped off the sideway. What the hell? What’s was the guy’s rush? Actually stopping at the stop sign and letting me past first would have taken all of 5 seconds. I’m not some old person crossing the street with my walker or anything; in general I walk pretty fast. It’s not the first time stuff like this has happened to me or people I know.

To me, one of the basic reasons to drive is to get to a destination faster than other means of transportation, such as bicycle or walking. And yet I notice that even around campus, there are some drivers that seem to always be in a rush because they’re late for class or something. Living on campus for three and a half years now, I know how long it takes me to get from any two points on campus. Since I am always conscience of the time, I’m rarely late for class (except for when I actually wake up late). How do you “lose track of time” anyway? Almost everyone has a cellphone now. Every cellphone in today’s world has a clock on it. Then it hit me…

I think the problem is because people don’t wear watches anymore! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved wearing watches. They’re unobtrusive and convenient. It bothers me when people ask me “why do you wear a watch when you carry a cellphone?” Well, my watch is on my wrist, out in the open, while my cellphone is on my belt. It’s a lot easier for me to glance down to check the time on my watch then it is to take my cellphone out, push a button to bring up the time, and put the cellphone back. I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those people glued to their phones. You know, the people who HOLD their phone in their HAND all day long, texting every few minutes. How is that not annoying? Not only do you lose the use of one of your hands, but then there’s always the chance of dropping the phone. You won’t see my watch fall off my wrist and it leaves both my hands free.

I have two watches in my rotation now, a Seiko SKX031 and a G-Shock GW5600. The Seiko was over $100 and the G was around $70. Sure that might be a lot of money, but a $5 Timex or some other cheap quartz watch will keep time well enough. Batteries generally last at least 3 years. When the watch does die, just buy another cheap watch!

So people, don’t think to ask me why I wear a watch when I have a cellphone. Instead, ask yourself why you DON’T wear a watch.


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