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Senior Design Reimbursement

Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on May 1, 2010

It’s always awesome to get money. Last Friday I submitted the paperwork for reimbursement for my senior design project. I spent ~$140 dollars at Digi-Key. Unfortunately we all only get a budget of $115 so I’ve already started to pay out of my own pocket (with another $40 soon for the poster we have to make). Well, I got the message telling me to pick up my funds allocation form on Thursday. Yesterday before going to the electronics lab to work on my project, I went to Bursars to pick up my money. After handing in the form, signing a stamp, and showing them my ID, the woman at Bursars gave me my $115 in cash. There am I thinking AWESOME! MONEY! Add the money to the pitiful $4 I have clipped and start walking out towards the Engineering quad. Then it hit me; why the hell do I feel so great about getting money from the school? It was my money after all, I’m just getting some of it back. This must be why the government does tax refund. Give everyone some money back, let them feel good, and since its free money people will readily spend it. In the end it was your money to begin with… Psychological fail!


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