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Going to FCW-6 (Flashaholics Camping Weekend)

Posted in Uncategorized by ziptrickhead on June 15, 2010

I finally had the chance to go to a CPF meetup. Went to FCW with Stephen (carrot) and his dad Ike. FCW was June 10th to June 13th at Hickory Run State Park in PA. The few days before the start of the trip was a frantic session of packing gear and food and camping stuff. Stephen picked me up around 11AM on the 10th and we started to head out to PA. We weren’t suppose to check in until after 3PM, but they still have some groceries to buy. First we hit up a super Walmart, where we picked up some food stuffs. Also tried going to the Weis nearby but they didn’t have any fresh steaks for sale? Anyways, while Ike went to Weis, Stephen and I went to the liquor and wine store next door. Stephen was looking for Maddog (MD20/20) which was hilarious because we went all over the store and didn’t see it but were ashamed to asked the people working there. Eventually one of them overhead us and told us where they were. They had several shelves of different bum wines! I also picked up a bottle of Jamesons to redeem our purchase rofl.

We also went ahead and spent some time at Sunset Hill (the same range that the SB Rifle Club went to last semester). We didn’t shoot that much I guess (total card was a bit over $60). I shot the Beretta again. Did much better this time, managed a one inch group. I didn’t like how the range master didn’t let me hold the handgun the way I wanted though. I would prefer to index the trigger guard since the Beretta has a rectangular trigger guard but he was like no. The only other thing I shot was the shotgun for trap shooting. Since it wasn’t on the club budget, I just went with the 5 shots. I managed to hit 5 out of 4 targets! It was pretty funny because on my second shot, I guess I didn’t hit the clay dead center so a large chunk flew off to the side. I wasn’t focusing on anything else other than my shot so I was surprised when I saw another clay in the air. I just quickly racked and shot that piece as well. Oops, wasted a shot I guess. I don’t consider it a waste though since I did hit the target (again). When I saw the clay piece, the first thing I thought was that maybe the range master launched 2 clays at once.

We then headed off to the campgrounds. Got there around 3:30PM. Had some issues at the ranger station so we didn’t actually get to the sites till around 4. At the time, the only people there were Tim, Justin, Dan, and his dad Joe. We got the tent set up, as well as started a small fire, and Stephen got his new hammock up under a tarp. At that point, Tim had already started to unload all the toys that the sponsors had sent us and since almost no one was there, we got to play with them as much as we wanted. Naturally we already started thinking about our top picks for the raffle. Later on that night, Justin, Stephen, and I went out on a night hike in order to test out our lights. About 15 mins in, we found a great piece of wood for fire and started working on that. It was a large branch that broke off a dead standing tree, but was still connected a little. It was kinda high up with no easy way of climbing up and the only saw we had was the small saw on the Victorinox Farmers. We ended up swinging the branch around for about 30 mins before it broke. Then we carried our bounty back to the camp site and started processing it for the main campfire. Spent the rest of the night around the fire, cracking jokes till 2AM and watching Stephen and Dan have some of that MD. Apparently it’s not that bad, but I caught a whiff of it and it reminded me of cheap wine coolers or some poorly made homemade wine. Had that strong bread yeast smell, so I didn’t try any of it. Had some Jamesons instead.

Second day (Friday), we got up early and prepped breakfast of bacon and eggs. It was another nice day, so we just spent the day mostly hanging out around camp meeting everyone. Stephen and I unloaded all our knives on our picnic table and a bunch of people came over to fondle them. The knives were mostly Stephen’s, but I put out probably 12 of my own. A few of the other CPFers also put out the knives on them, including a Graham Razel from Tom.

I also cut myself with the Paramilitary during lunch time when I was cutting some italian bread in half. Not following safe knife handling rules of course… About 3/4 inch long but it didn’t seem too deep. Just pulled out my first aid kit, put some gauze over it, and taped it up. When we went shopping again (also with Justin) I got a bottle of liquid bandage since the bottle I have at home is running out anyways. I also got a Daisy slingshot from Walmart for like $8. We got a huge tenderloin that was cut into inch thick medallions and cooked over the fire. That night, Stephen and I went with Bill on a night hike; no one else wanted to come. We actually managed the whole hike (about 45 mins), playing with all our flashlights the whole time. It was a bit foggy, so you could see the awesome light cones coming out from the front of the lights. When we got back, we sat around the fire and Tom pulled out his big otter box filled with cigars and started handing some out. We also have more trouble with a certain ranger, because of the whole parking situation. Basically it left a bad taste in our mouths and we won’t be going back to Hickory Run for future trips.

Saturday morning it started to rain a bit. Happened to start right when we were getting ready to make breakfast, so we cooked bacon and pancakes in the rain in ponchos. Stopped raining a bit after we finished eating. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting one of Ike’s co-workers at Breezewood Acres to check out the property. We got back around 4:30PM, just a bit early before the raffle started. My name got picked around the middle of the pack so I knew right away that I wasn’t going to get my first pick. Lucky Stephen managed to get picked third. I think the light I wanted (Lumapower Signature) was picked 4th or 5th. When it got around to me, my first pick was narrowed down to one of the EagleTacs, the P100 series, either the A2 (2xAA) or C2 (2x123a). I decided to go with the A2 since I don’t really have any 2xAA lights other than the cheap Energizers. I already have a 2x123a light with the Solarforce L2m. My second pick was the 4sevens Quark Prism. I decided to go with that over one of the Princeton Tec headlamps since I’ve wanted a Prism, and that would turn my Quark 123a Ti into a headlamp. I also snagged a small and a medium keep2go tubes from GoingGear, as well as a Jetbeam lanyard from Bug Out Gear and one of those keychain lights from Lighthound. After the raffle, everyone was just hanging out playing with their new lights. I spent the night at our campsite, stoking the fire and chatting with Ike, and drinking more Jamesons.

Sunday, someone said it was suppose to rain around noon so everyone was packing up their stuff and leaving. Eventually, it was just Tom,Sam, Heidi, Dan, Joe, Ike, Stephen and I left over and we just cooked up the chicken and steak we had left and had a large lunch. At the same time, we also played around with Stephen’s alcohol stoves. He was giving a demonstration to everyone while Tom filmed it all. We finished packing and left the campsite around 1:30PM. There was a lot of traffic, so we didn’t get to my place until around 5:30PM.

Overall, even with the rain and me cutting myself, the trip was a lot of fun. It was great meeting all the CPFers, I definitely want to go to more meetups, maybe the next Photon Fest. Special thanks to Tim for setting up the whole meet up as well as all the sponsors that sent up all those lights to play with and give away:

4Sevens: http://www.4sevens.com
BrightGuy: http://www.brightguy.com
Bug Out Gear USA: http://www.bugoutgearusa.com
Dorcy: http://www.dorcy.com
Going Gear: http://www.goinggear.com
Lighthound: http://www.lighthound.com
Lighthouse one: CPF member donating one of his custom, hand made Drum Lights.
Lumapower: http://www.lumapower.com
Pacific Tactical Solutions: http://www.pts-flashlights.com
Petzl: http://www.petzl.com
Phoebus Tactical Flashlights: http://www.phoebus.com
Princeton Tec: http://www.princetontec.com
Stanley Tools: http://www.stanleytools.com

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